Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spelling Counts

I have worked for more than 20 years connecting the dots between everyone named Lowmaster, Lawmaster, and Loumaster. Usually when I come across a historical record I can connect the person or dismiss it as an error.

I came upon a grave site record of Paul Lowmaster, 1905-1967. This was in the Anderson Cemetery in Anderson, Missouri, the resting place of William D. (1846-1940) and Lavina C. Lowmaster (1853-1940).

But Paul didn't fit into any of my historical records. I double checked William D's family and it didn't make sense that we, and the census takers, missed Paul.

Although there was a record of Paul, there was no grave stone photo. So I wrote the researcher and asked if she had a photo of the grave. I figured it would be a long shot because I figured if she had one she would have uploaded it. Unless she didn't own" the photo and just wanted to upload the info.

I wrote and she responded -- with a photo.

Hmmm. I suppose one could assume that Lomaster is really Lowmaster. Or maybe not.

I don't know who Paul is but don't believe he fits into the Lowmaster family. He may have been the only one to use the name because the Social Security Death Index nor a search on WhitePages.com returns anyone named Lomaster. I do know that there is a death record in the state of Oregon for Paul and that he served in World War II -- not WWI as indicated above.

But not our Paul.