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Daniel Laumaster

1858 Death notice of Daniel Laumeister

Rev. Daniel Laumaster departed this life January the 19th, 1858, aged 36 years and 7 days.

We know little about Rev. Laumaster/Lowmaster. Born in 1822, he was not listed on the census of 1830 and 1840 since only the head of household was listed. This researcher has not been able to find him on the 1850 census. He was not living in the household of George and Magdalena Lowmaster.

The records of the children born early to this family are well documented in the York, Pa. church records. The later children were documented through family histories and newspaper articles. But Daniel had no such benefit. No news article of the day has been found and he left no family or descendants to carry on his story.

For years, I have been reluctant to list Daniel with this family. But the evidence of the days calls for it.

Census records in 1830 and 1840 lists three boys in the 5-10 then 15-20 age range. We know of George, Jr., and Jacob. There must be a third and Daniel would be it.

Rev. Vane Lowmaster, historian, lists Daniel in this family. Despite the fact that Vane did not list his source for this information, it stands to reason that he was right.

Daniel Lowmaster died at the age of 34 years. He is buried in the family plot at Fairview Church Cemetery and the grave is marked by a tall slim sandstone marker that was cut from native sandstone, probably by a local stonemason.

Vane most certainly relied on family records, probably contained in the family Bible. If one visits Fairview Cemetery, Canoe Twp., Indiana Co., Pa. one will find the marker Vane referenced. But the name Daniel is not on it. It is simply inscribed D. L. Lowmaster. Thus it is clear that Vane didn't simply go to the cemetery and decide who belonged in which family. He relied on other records.

Brother L embraced religion when quite young and joined the church of the United Brethren in Christ. In January, 1857, he joined the Allegheny Conference, and was appointed to the Stone Valley Circuit. He was re-appointed to the Stone Valley Circuit; but wishing to see his friends, he went home from conference. He arrived there on Tuesday, felt unwell, and on Thursday following he took his bed, and on the next Tuesday his spirit took its flight for higher climes. Disease was small-pox.

Our last clue was that "Brother L. was a single man and owned property near his father's residence, in Indiana county, Pa., where he died."

George Lowmaster, Sr., was the only Lowmaster/Laumaster living in Indiana Co., in 1858 old enough to have a son Daniel's age.

Still, there is one question that remains unresolved. Jacob Lowmaster, Daniel's brother, moved to Missouri where he lived his adult life. His gravestone is marked 1822-1878.

While there was time for Daniel to be born in January, 1822, and have a sibling born in November or December, that is doubtful. Could have they been twins? There were another set of twins in the family. Or it is possible that in all this a date could be off by one year.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Lowmaster Book

I am deeply indebted to my great-uncle, Rev. Vane Henry Lowmaster (1892-1987) for printing a Lowmaster history in 1972. I looked at the crisp pages of my copy, still only 37 years old, and wondered how best to preserve this. And I decided the best way was to unbind it and create a digital copy and share it with others.

Vane did not have at his disposal the resources I have had. His work, outstanding in its day, formed the basis of all that I did.

He referenced the Historical Society of York, Pa. when he wrote: "It seems certain that most, if not all, of the Lowmasters of America are descended from this single immigrant, Wendel Lawmeister (Lowmaster); and until 1875, practically all of them lived in York, County, Pa."

Vane then added his own note: "The above date is not entirely correct. Some of them left York much earlier. One went to Richmond, Virginia, and a descendant left two daughters. One is reported to have gone to Ohio. John Lowmaster bought his farm in what is now Canoe Township, Indiana County, in 1845."

Vane made no reference to paternal descendants who go by the names Lawmaster, Laumaster, and Loumaster. His focus was on his family, that is, his father and grandfather, as well as his maternal side, the Emericks.

This work was an excellent start for this researcher. It contained a number of ambiguities, for which I am thankful, because it has forced me to search for more and check and double check his sources. And he has still left a lot to ponder as I have yet to explore his statement that "Legend says his (Wendel's) wife was of the House of Von Beulow."

Lowmaster, 1972, by Rev. Vane Lowmaster

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do You Know This Family?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Help Needed

As much as I try to do this by myself, I need help, especially tracking down the living. At least the dead stay in one place. Usually. Below are names I have found that belong in our family but I have yet to connect them. Please contact me if you know where they fit.

Jacob Laumaster married in Philadelphia to Jane Fenimore of Burlington, NJ on August 26, 1836 (Source: Burlington Gazette)

Donald Louis LOWMASTER 4 Aug 1954 Riverside Co., California Mother: CIDOR
Source: California Birth Records

Lisa Renee Lawmaster - d. 16 Jan 1978, buried Midland Cemetery, Midland MI

Adam Gregory Lawmaster (b. 1983) and Jesse David Lawmaster (b. 1981) - Orange Co., Calif. Mother is Ms. Artle

Alexander Dean Lawmaster
(b. 1992 in Gray Co., TX), son/of Bobby Dean Taylor and Elizabeth Lea Lawmaster.

Brittany Nicole Lawmaster
(b. 1987, Orange Co., Calif.), unknown father and Ms. Henderson
Melanie Lawmaster (b. ca 1949/50), Tulsa, m. 1992, Kevin Wall

Rachel Kathryn
(1994) and Sean Christopher Lawmaster (1992), b. Orange Co., Ms.

Rebecca Jane Lowmaster (b. 1963), m. Kenneth Schott Lettich (1985) and Raymond Alan Palacek