Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Valentine Long

Much of my information on the descendants of Magdalena Lowmaster (m. John Long) comes from Gary Wilson for which I am grateful. Whether Gary is the original source, I do not know, but much of this information can be found on genealogical sites. He may have shared his info with many others or he may not be the original source. It really doesn't matter.

One confusing record is that of Valentine Long. The records I received from Gary includes a Valentine Long as the son of Jeremiah Franklin and Rebecca Jane (Wagner) Long and  a Valentine Long as the son of Samuel Lafayette and Lona (Sides) Long. Both were from the northern Cambria Co. or Green Twp., Indiana Co. area of Pennsylvania. These are townships that borders each other and there was much movement, continues to be a lot of movement, between the two areas. They are, in effect, almost interchangeable.

I have been unable to verify the existence of either Valentine Long. Perhaps some sleuthing in the county courthouses of Cambria or Indiana County will uncover something. But nothing on the Internet has helped. Nothing on Find a Grave.

Oh, and both Valentines were born in 1892 and died in 1893.

Let me start with the Valentine Long, the supposed son of Jeremiah Franklin and Rebecca Jane (Wagner) Long. Valentine was born in 1892 and died in 1893 (no months provided). J.F. and Rebecca were married late in the year (Sept.). Was Valentine born to them the same year? Before the married? A month or two after they married?

Also to be examined are the other children in the family born before 1900. There is Martha Jane (1894 although her obituary listed 1895 - 1968), Thomas Daniel (1896-1896); F.T. Long (1897-1974); Margaret Evaline (1897-1988); Cecelia Leeta (1900-1986).

The reason the children are important is the 1900 census record of Rebecca. Under number of births / number of living it was recorded as 5/4. Living were: Martha (Sep 1894): Florentine (Jan 1896); Evaline (Nov 1898); and Leta C (Jun 1900).

If Valentine (1892) and Daniel (1896) belong in this family, assuming no errors in the census record, it should have shown six births / four living. But it did not. It is also worth noting that I can find no verification for the record of Daniel either so I will concede that even if 5/4 is correct it is possible that Valentine was born to them but Daniel was not. But doubtful.

Finally, obituaries may lend a clue. Sadly, I have located but one, Martha. While she was the oldest of the children who lived to maturity and the first one to die, her obituary could have listed one or two brothers who preceded her. Instead, it only listed her husband and (presumed) parents.

The "second" Valentine Long came to me as the son of Samuel Lafayette and Lona (Sides) Long. Rather than just the year of birth and death, this one had months attached to it: Aug 1892 - Feb 1893.

This couple was married in Feb 1892, well within the window of the shotgun wedding time frame given that Valentine was born in August.

Again, look at the pre-1900 births: Daniel (1894-1982); Martha (1894-1972); Logan (1896-1968). The 1900 census for Lona listed four births and three children living. This is consistent with someone not listed and very well could be Valentine.

The obituaries I have located do not offer any more information. Logan's offered no information who the deceased while Margaret's listed her adults brother, Daniel, Logan, and Samuel. It doesn't mean there wasn't an infant brother, Valentine, especially one who died before any of them were born.

Until documented information surfaces, I will conclude that the "missing child" referred to on the 1900 census for Lona was Valentine and not for Rebecca Jane as that would make six births for her.

I welcome feedback and proof.