Saturday, February 7, 2009


My interest in the SEGER line is with Annie Seger, 16 Dec 1854 - 17 Apr 1915, in western Pennsylvania. Annie's full name was Maria Ann Seger. She married Aaron States in 1871.

She is the daughter of Samuel Seger (1822-1889) and Eva Whitaker (1828-1903).

Annie was my grandma's grandma. I have a plate (ceramic?) that belonged to Annie. It was simply marked by my grandmother (my Grandma's plate).

I defer questions of research on this line to Bill Seger of St. George, UT. His email is redhen at infowest dot com (put it all together). Bill is my third cousin once removed (through Samuel Seger). He's also 3c1r thru John Lowmaster, 5c thru John Christopher Rishel, and 4c1r thru George Lowmaster, Sr. I guess we're related many ways.

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