Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Help Needed

As much as I try to do this by myself, I need help, especially tracking down the living. At least the dead stay in one place. Usually. Below are names I have found that belong in our family but I have yet to connect them. Please contact me if you know where they fit.

Jacob Laumaster married in Philadelphia to Jane Fenimore of Burlington, NJ on August 26, 1836 (Source: Burlington Gazette)

Donald Louis LOWMASTER 4 Aug 1954 Riverside Co., California Mother: CIDOR
Source: California Birth Records

Lisa Renee Lawmaster - d. 16 Jan 1978, buried Midland Cemetery, Midland MI

Adam Gregory Lawmaster (b. 1983) and Jesse David Lawmaster (b. 1981) - Orange Co., Calif. Mother is Ms. Artle

Alexander Dean Lawmaster
(b. 1992 in Gray Co., TX), son/of Bobby Dean Taylor and Elizabeth Lea Lawmaster.

Brittany Nicole Lawmaster
(b. 1987, Orange Co., Calif.), unknown father and Ms. Henderson
Melanie Lawmaster (b. ca 1949/50), Tulsa, m. 1992, Kevin Wall

Rachel Kathryn
(1994) and Sean Christopher Lawmaster (1992), b. Orange Co., Ms.

Rebecca Jane Lowmaster (b. 1963), m. Kenneth Schott Lettich (1985) and Raymond Alan Palacek

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